Wednesday, March 16, 2005

DIVERT this!!! BYPASS that!!!

DIVERT this!!! BYPASS that!!!

EMS in southern NJ is tired of hearing that such and such hospital is on DIVERT, that hospital is on BYPASS. Part of the problem is the reasons in my 1st rant. The other is hospital staffing.

Many of the hospitals are closing down floors and shutting down beds. They say they can’t afford the staffing. So when the hospital fills all of the beds, the ER must hold the patients till beds open up. This causes the ER to go on BYPASS and DIVERT status. This means that ambulances are asked to go to another hospital.

Now the other ERs start filling up also. Causing them to go on BYPASS and DIVERT. In Camden County this is almost a daily routine. What is EMS to do?

Because the ERs are now full, the staff gets cranky. So when all the ERs are full, EMS considers all are open. Now when we bring them a patient, we hear all the rood & nasty remarks, “Don’t you know we are on BYPASS or DIVERT?” “Why did you bring that patient here?” EMS isn’t the only ones hearing the remarks, the patient is too. How do you think that makes them feel? They don’t want to be there in the 1st place. Now they know they aren’t wanted either.

So the patient tells all of their family and friends about their experience. So the hospital has now lost a lot of future business. How many people does one person know?

Now we go back to the part about the hospital not having enough money to pay for staffing. The management of the hospital spends so many millions of dollars on advertising trying to get people to come to their hospital, that the staff has pissed off. Maybe management should go under cover and see why they are losing customers.

ER staff must remember that there is no sign on their building that flashes NO VACANCY or CLOSED. EMS brings patients where they ask to go, if we don’t it can be considered kidnapping. They have a job because we bring them paying customers. If you want to have a job in the future, don’t piss of the patients or EMS!!


Anonymous Wendy said...

I'm right there with ya! I heard an account of a family member of a patient that was being brought in had heard the ER staff say something about being on bypass/divert. That family member took his phon/camera outside, took a picture of the sign that says "EMERGENCY", brought it in & showed the offending person. Wish I could have seen that one!

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