Wednesday, April 06, 2005

More Divert This!!

More Divert This!!

One of the biggest offenders of the Divert/Bypass status for hospital Emergency Rooms in the area is Cooper Hospital in Camden City (the most dangerous city in the US). Granted they are a busy hospital and several reasons are listed in my Blog, 911 Help!! But we have gone there when they have been on status, and there were empty beds all over the place, and nurses sitting around painting their nails. Then the give us a nasty attitude for bringing them a patient. The attitudes of the staff towards EMS and patients is horrible. This is a big reason they are losing patients and money.

People who are legitimately sick or injured, don’t want to be treated bad. They also don’t want to wait for hours to be seen by the doctor. The staff should remember they got into this field to help people. A little bit of good customer service goes a long way.

Instead of looking at the reasons the paying customers are leaving, management decides to spend tons of money on PR. They now have a commercial on the big TV networks, running in prime time, of Kelly Ripa saying how good a hospital Cooper is. How much could this be costing the hospital?

Management needs to do some investigating of their services. They need to come into the ER as a patient or send in a friend, so the staff has no idea they know management, and see how they are treated and make a report. I think they will be flabbergasted!! Maybe they need to add more staff in the ER to make things go faster. Be nice to EMS and patients.
How many people does 1 person know? How many people can I tell about the bad service? You are reading this, aren’t you? Management needs to wake up and smell the coffee.


Anonymous Wen said...

You said it! As an EMT, I have a LOT of people asking me about the different hospitals & their treatment of patients... it's hard to keep the mouth shut about some of the treatments or to talk up an ER's staff when dropping off a patient. As it is, I do state my personal experiences to family members... & I have a HUGE family... I know some of them will not go to certain ER's because of the treatment of the staff. The hospitals should focus thier money concerns INSIDE the hospital & not on PR... if they fixed the problems with the patient treatment, they'd have the best PR they could get... happy patients!

Thu Apr 28, 02:38:00 AM AST  
Blogger EM said...

Read your true! People just don't care about people anymore and corporations just care about dollars and cents. There is so little respect for each other...even our colleagues. Wondering if this is predominant in the northeast? Is "customer service" better is other parts of the country???

Thu Apr 28, 06:49:00 AM AST  
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