Monday, December 05, 2005

2 birds with 1 stone!!

An article in today’s local paper, The Courier Post, talks about making it easier to get rid of Canadian Geese. I am an animal lover, and have rescued several dogs from Camden & the pounds. But, I really hate these birds. They leave their dropping all over, polluting lakes and ponds, making walking around these water ways impossible unless you wear a biohazard suit. Have you ever tried to play golf and while hitting your ball you hit goose droppings? It EXPLODES everywhere!!

And now there is the threat of Avian flu. These birds would be a prime candidate to spread the disease. Let’s take care of the problem before it happens.

Of course the animal rights people want you to rent dogs to chase them away, but they always return, because they return to were there is easy access to food. And of course there are the STUPID people who feed them at every lake & park.

I have a solution. It will take care of 2 birds with one stone – pun intended!!

There are so many people in the US that are homeless and hungry. Why not use these birds to feed them? If goose is good enough for Little Timmy & Scrooge for Christmas dinner, it should be good enough for the hungry. This way we take care of the over population of geese and the hungry all at the same time. Do you have a better idea?


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Anonymous EMTFulton said...

Good point, Dave. I agree. With all the hungry, homeless people, the food bank & shelters could use some food for their people. I back you up on this 100%.

Tue Feb 21, 02:12:00 PM AST  
Anonymous pirate's girl said...

Enjoyed your blog...good idea! Your comments are very interesting..what a mind you have!

Tue Feb 28, 08:00:00 PM AST  
Blogger Eddie said...

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